We have many successful years as a main contractor having worked on fully designed yet challenging schemes.  We have the experience to tackle most types of construction project in our chosen sectors and project size and we take a proactive approach to project management and place a real emphasis on working with all other parties as a team.  We pay diligent attention to detail and work with mutual respect with designers and engineers towards constructible solutions.  We have often undertaken the final detailing to make designs work on site and have strong relationships with Architects and Engineers in our region.

Our Contracts Director personally supports the projects to get the foundations, drainage and infrastructure right at the outset and the Managing Director overseas design coordination to ensure that the designs work on site.

Design & Build

We have worked with several of our repeat business clients delivering design and build projects based on a performance specification.  We are employed by several Housing Associations and our social housing projects have been delivered complying with Code for Sustainable Homes and Secure by Design.  Our clients trust us with the design process and the practical product at handover as being consistently of a high quality.

Specialist Projects, Renovation, Restoration

Gullett and Sons, from its earliest days, have been involved with challenging projects that required special attention to detail, ecclesiastical buildings that were listed and required essential repairs and building works.  We choose the team and supply chain carefully for these types of project with people who are skilled and knowledgeable for that particular undertaking.  For example, our bricklayers are skilled in the use of lime mortars, flintwork and dealing with buildings of historic importance.  We use specialist stone masons where required and craftsmen for sensitive work.


We have purchased and developed land ourselves and have also worked in collaboration with developers or private individuals in joint ventures to realise the potential of suitable development land.  For example, on a residential buildings development we partnered with an older couple so they could unlock value that would give them a retirement income and we used our knowledge of development and construction.

Eco Build

Whether we are dealing with ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, glass tube converter systems, photovoltaic technology, rain water harvesting systems, green oak or sustainable timber construction, our business is passionate about working with new technologies that are kinder to our world and environment.  We relish the challenge to work with owners, designers and specialists in delivering solutions that are responsible and as economic as possible.  If you have a particular passion and dream for a green project, we would love to hear from you and work with you to realise it.