Our logo “building on tradition” means that we hold on to the solid foundations of our history and traditional values of quality, diligence, integrity and innovation which are important to us.

It does not mean that we are old fashioned or we do not embrace change.  We work with the latest technologies installing eco solutions, and are often at the cutting edge with some of our private clients.  Our service however is delivered through our foundational values.

We have an established reputation with our repeat clients as a reliable and safe pair of hands for their construction works.  This is especially true when the site is tricky, the build more technically challenging or the logistics require multi-site coordination.

We work in an ethical, diligent and focussed way based on a long tradition of Christian faith practised through the way we work and how we engage with others.  Our supply chain works with us and is paid in a timely manner, treated fairly for the work they undertake and have longstanding relationships with us.


Our Vision and Values
The historic philosophy of the company is anchored in a desire to provide an exceptional service.

The heart of our operational style is “team”, working together with architects, designers, consultants and the client to produce the desired results to the highest standard at an economic cost.  This approach has sustained the company throughout its existence and resulted in much repeat business.

The company, since the beginning, has been influenced by a strong Christian ethic.  We seek to approach all aspects of building in a straightforward and honest manner, seeking excellence in all that we do.

Our deep understanding of the construction process reinforces our commitment to pay diligent attention to the details without losing the importance of the big picture in delivering a good quality product.  Our vision is simply to deliver an outstanding construction project as a team involving our clients.

Our Clients
We hand-hold novice clients advising them and guiding them through the specification and build process balancing requirements and budgets.

We also work with seasoned developers and housing associations with clear client requirements and established processes.  Whoever the client is, we pride ourselves in working diligently to achieve satisfaction.  You can read what some of our past clients have to say here.

Our work areas

We operate from our premises in Chesham in Bucks, well placed to reach Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Berkshire and Oxfordshire, generally within a 60 mile radius (though we have worked much further afield by request from some of our existing clients).