This has included basement construction, complex structural alterations and blending the old and traditional with the modern and new.

Greyfriars Church

Renovation and structural repairs at Greyfriars Church in Reading, Berkshire.

Dagnall Street Baptist Church

Alteration and refurbishment at Dagnall Street Baptist Church St Albans, Hertfordshire.

St Paul’s, Chipperfield

Parapet wall rebuilt with further stone repairs and works to the gable walls with roof repairs sensitive to the methods of traditional construction and use of lime mortars.

Camden Road Baptist Church

A sensitive renovation of existing stone work, re-roofing and structural repairs.

High Leigh Conference Centre

A challenging infill extension to match the existing historic building requiring detailed designs and dimensioning that was undertaken directly by Gullett and Sons and including the reconstituted stone details.

Liscombe Park

Remodelled office accommodation on a busy and occupied Business Park and Equestrian Centre.

The works included an extension, improved parking facilities, air conditioning and open planned office space.